MindBodyEase.com: Blog MindBodyEase.com: Blog https://www.mindbodyease.com/blog/ Copyright by MindBodyEase.com en MindBodyEase.com Sun, 18 Aug 2019 14:07:32 -0400 5 steps to look better this year We've all seen these makeover shows where someone goes in as an ugly duckling and almost instantly they are turned into a beautiful swan.  I'm sure you know the type of shows and you may have thought to yourself "I wish I could transform myself like that." If you have, this is the blog post for you.

Making big transformations in your life can take time, with that said you would be surprised how different you can look and feel within 12 months.  

In this post, I'm going to share with you 5 steps to looking better this year.

1) Whiten your teeth.

Other than sagging skin, nothing ages you as much as yellow teeth.  Yellow teeth not only look unhygienic but also make you look unfriendly.  Thankfully having yellow teeth isn't the end of the world.  

You have a few options when it comes to whitening your teeth, you can either go the full expensive route of purchasing veneers, but if you can't afford that don't worry.  Teeth whitening is inexpensive these days and even crooked white teeth look great.

You can purchase teeth whitening from your local dentist or a cheaper option is buying online, but be careful when buying online as you could get whitening gel that could damage your teeth.

2) Change your hair/grow your hair.

Older women, especially those who have become mothers tend to cut their hair off for convenience, however, this makes you look old.  To look better this year you should grow your hair into a style that suits you while being easy to maintain.  

Being a mom or an older woman doesn't mean that you have to have the typical bob style haircut.  For hair inspiration, you can check out websites like Pinterest or Instagram.

You may also want to consider adding colour to your hair.  Colour can brighten up your look and make you look a little younger.

3) Improve your skin.

You can improve your skin by exfoliating 3 times a week, drinking enough water per day and eating your 5 a day vegetables.  This will give you better skin than most people. You can take this a step further and remove any unflattering wrinkles you may have through botox injections for wrinkles.

Botox treatment is fairly affordable and it can be used from removing wrinkles, reducing your jawline, improving the fullness of your lips to reshaping your nose.

Botox is no longer for the rich and the famous, anyone can have it and you would be surprised how many people you know that are probably having it right now without you knowing.

4) Join a gym.

People think you have to be skinny to look great, but the truth couldn't be further away.  Athletic bodies look great, skinny bodies not so much. The great thing is any body-shape can look athletic, even if you are a larger lady.

Hitting the gym will transform your body over a year and not only will you look great but your confidence will also be increased.  I'm yet to meet a man or woman that can lift double their body weight who isn't confident. 

If you're not confident enough to join a gym you can join a 24-hour gym and go when it's quiet to start.  But honestly, don't worry about others in the gym, people are more supportive than you think and people who judge others don't tend to stay in the gym for long.

When in the gym be sure to lift weights and not just run on a treadmill.  Weights will reshape your body within the space of a year.

5) Buy new clothes

Chances are your old clothes are not flattering. 

People looking to improve their looks often let their wardrobes expire and will wear any old thing.  So go out and treat yourself. You don't have to wear designer gear, you can simply buy some new clothes that are in trend and look clean.  Trust me, you will feel so much better afterwards.


If you are looking to improve your looks this year, gain confidence and just feel better in yourself, get started with all of the above right now.  Within 12 months you will be thanking me, your new-found confidence will take you to new places and you will enjoy your life that little bit more.

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How To Build Muscle At Home Without Any Equipment To build muscle you need to lift weights. That’s the conventional wisdom on strength building, and it’s certainly true that weight training is an excellent way to overload your muscles and force them to grow.

However, lifting weights isn’t the only way to gain muscle. Weights help you gain muscle because they provide resistance which forces your body to adapt and grow, bodyweight exercises can also do the same thing.

Beyond the physical benefits of bodyweight exercises there are also numerous other benefits including the fact that they are free and, if you live in an apartment, you won’t annoy your neighbour by dropping dumbbells on the floor (if you do eventually want to incorporate dumbbells into your home workout check out this article on reducing gym noise - it has a few handy tips which can be incorporated into your home to reduce vibrations).

When muscle growth is your primary goal the key thing to remember is if you can do more than 15 repetitions of an exercise before you reach failure then it is too easy and you need to modify the movement to increase the resistance.

Below we talk you through some simple exercise variations that will challenge your muscles and help you build serious strength from the comfort of your lounge.


The daddy of bodyweight exercises, the humble press up is both loved and loathed in equal measure.

Whether you’re a muscle-building novice or a muscle-bound adonis the press up can be used to pack on some serious mass, it works your chest, arms, shoulders, core and your back muscles get involved too.

Have a go at the following press up variations, aim to do 4 sets of as many repetitions as you can manage. If you can manage 15 repetitions then move onto the next (harder) variation:

  1. Elevated push-up - if you’re new to physical training then the elevated press-up is a great place to start, place your hands on an elevated surface such as a table or sofa with your feet outstretched on the floor and get going. As you get more proficient at this lower the height of the implement you are using to increase the difficulty.
  2. Flat (floor) push-up - Just you and the floor, lie horizontally on the floor with your hands shoulder-width (feel free to experiment with wider and narrower stances when you are comfortable) apart and get pushing!
  3. Single leg push-ups - When you can easily do 15 flat push-ups try lifting one leg off the floor, this increases the amount of bodyweight you have to push, making it harder and building more muscle.
  4. Elevated feet push-up - to make your push-ups even harder elevate your feet, you can do this easily by putting them up on a sofa. This means that your shoulders are now bearing the majority of your bodyweight.
  1. Handstand push-up - These are hard so don’t rush to try these until you have a good level of shoulder strength. They involve doing a handstand against a wall and then simply pressing! The best way to build up to these is by doing elevated feet push-ups against a wall. Walk your feet a few steps up the wall, as you get stronger walk your feet further up the wall until eventually, you are doing full handstand push-ups!
  2. Single-arm push-up - The Single-arm push-up is a great variation for people who are fairly advanced in their bodyweight exercise skills. Stretch out your legs as far as you can, so that you can create a tripod with your one pressing arm. This variation will also build a lot of core stability as well as shoulder strength.


If you’ve been to a gym before you’ll be familiar with the humble squat, practised by everyone from powerlifters to Zumba enthusiasts.

You may think that the only way to pack on muscle with by squatting is with a heavy barbell on your back but this is not the case.

When you’ve mastered the basic bodyweight squat here are a couple of variations you can try to add resistance and challenge your muscles to grow!

  1. Jumping Squats - Just like a standard bodyweight squat but with added intensity! When you get to the bottom of your squat explode up into a jump as fast as you can so that you get as high as you can - this forces your muscles to work much harder.
  2. One-Legged Squats - To do a one-legged squat successfully requires a whole lo9t of balance and co-ordination which will take some time to master! A good way of working around this is to hold onto the wall or a nearby piece of furniture as you squat. Single leg squats are great for building muscle because once you can do them you are effectively squatting double your body weight - just don’t forget to train both legs!  For help with mastering the one-legged squat check out this article by Breaking Muscle.

Utilising Push-ups and squats together will allow you to challenge all of the major muscle groups helping you to build a strong physical base without the need for any equipment at all.

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Can A Chiropractor Help With Lower Back And Hip Pain? Unlike in the past, today’s jobs are less of muscle work than they are tasks for the mind. With this, most jobs are done with little physical involvement. This lifestyle, though less physically draining, is not the best way to keep a perfect body.

Therefore, there has been an increase in back pains, among other physical challenges, which are associated with work that is less physically engaging. This leads more people to chiropractors and other bone specialists for medical solutions. However, not everyone understands the importance of chiropractors, thus the need to determine whether a chiropractor can help with lower back and hip pain.

Who Is A Chiropractor?

Simply put, a chiropractor is a health specialist who deals in non-surgical treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Their treatment focuses on spinal manipulation and treatment of the surrounding areas. Several studies indicate that the manual therapies employed by chiropractors are effective for treating neck pain, lumbar herniated disc, and lower back pain, among other physical conditions. But how can a chiropractor get you back to your optimum working condition?

Hip Pain

Your hip plays a crucial role in your body. It makes it easy for you to move about and perform a lot more functions. Therefore, pain in this region can slow you down greatly. In most cases, hip pains are as a result of an injury or osteoarthritis. It, however, can be an indicator of other health conditions. A chiropractor care has the ability to identify the specific symptoms of your hip pain and tailor-make a unique solution to solve your issue.  Some of the most common causes of hip pain include Osteoarthritis and Inflammatory Diseases, overuse injuries, and trauma, among others.

Back Pain

Back pains are caused by a number of factors including lifting heavy weights inappropriately, spending too much time sitting in one place, and sports injuries, among others. Once these back pains set in, it becomes more difficult for you to operate at your best. Therefore, seeking the services of a qualified chiropractor will be helpful to your overall recovery.

How Chiropractors Deal With Hip and Lower Back Pain

Chiropractors employ different strategies to deal with back and hip pain. Spinal manipulation and manual manipulation is one method a chiropractor uses to treat your issue. In the US,like most parts of the country, chiropractors need to obtain operation license for them to conduct their services. But before being licensed, they have to prove that they indeed qualify to offer chiropractic services to the general public.

The general public is torn between pills and chiropractic services. Most people are apprehensive of chiropractors as a viable treatment for back and hip pains. This is because they do not fully understand the inner workings of chiropractic. Here are some of the methods used by chiropractors to treat their patients.  

  1. High-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) thrust

This technique is commonly used by chiropractors to apply sudden, coordinated force to a particular joint. When this manual technique is applied in a joint, a pop might be heard. Most people refer to this technique as a back crack. There are three major subcategories in this technique. There is the diversified technique which is achieved through the application of a number of quick adjustments to specific joints. There is also the Thompson terminal point (drop technique) which is a special table that has removable parts to allow the application of controlled force on the spine. Finally, there is the Gonstead adjustment which puts the body into a different position. It also uses special chairs and tables to adjust every joint.

  1. Low-Force, Gentle Chiropractic

This technique is best suited for patients who do not prefer the high thrust method and are uncomfortable with high-pressure movement. Here, the chiropractor applies low pressure continues to realize the preferred results. In this technique, spinal mobilization practices are used. These include the Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Release work, Mackenzie technique, Toggle drop, Core flexion-distraction, and Activator method. All these techniques deliver the desired result to the patient and allow him or her to go back to their former good health condition.

Chiropractors may not be a popular option right now, but they are the next best alternative to pills. Their methods do not involve making incisions into the flesh but follow an organized approach to treat back and hip pains. Mostly, they begin by doing a full-body analysis and getting your medical records before offering the best solution for your case.

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Common E-cigarette Myths Ever since the dangers of smoking became widely known, there have been significant efforts made to create effective “stop-smoking” products, but none of them met with any great level of success until the arrival of ecigarettes, which succeeded precisely because they offered the familiarity of cigarettes, but were much less harmful to a person’s health. Sadly, however, for all ecigarettes have been far more successful than any other type of “stop-smoking” product, their widespread adoption has been hindered by a range of “urban myths”. Here are three of them and the actual truth.

Ecigarettes are a lot more expensive than regular cigarettes

To be fair, the origins of this myth are fairly understandable. When people switch to vaping, they need to make the upfront purchase of the vaporizer and in the early days of ecigarettes; these could be fairly expensive for what they were. Now, however, the vaporizers are much more affordable so this is much less of an issue, in fact, you can now get a decent vaporizer for the same sort of price as a decent cigarette lighter.

On that point, the cost of charging the batteries on an ecigarette has to be balanced against the cost of lighter fluid/matches. It also has to be noted that ecigarettes are much less of a fire hazard than regular cigarettes, which have naked flames; they are also much less likely to cause minor accidents such as burning holes in fabric.

Ecigarettes contain nicotine so they’re just as bad as regular cigarettes

The first part of this statement is true, the second part definitely isn’t. Basically, there are two ways in which traditional cigarettes damage your health. The first way is, indeed, via their nicotine content, although even here it’s worth noting that the nature of ecigarettes gives you a much greater level of control over the exact level of nicotine you consume and makes it much easier to wean yourself off it gently. The second way, however, is via the smoke they generate and, in particular, via its tar content. This causes massive damage to your lungs. Ecigarettes, by contrast, produce vapour rather than smoke, which is the main reason why they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. What’s more, is most eliquids are sold without nicotine which can be purchased separately, eradicating the myth altogether.

Ecigarette liquid can have anything inside it

This myth probably came about due to the fact that eliquid comes in a much wider range of flavours than regular tobacco and hence uses a wider range of ingredients to create those flavours. It’s also fair to say that some eliquids made internationally may potentially contain diacetyl, which has been associated with lung disease, however leaving aside the fact that this is only the case at very high exposures, there is the fact that diacetyl is banned in the UK, which means that this is only a potential issue if buying eliquid abroad and it also has to be acknowledged that cigarettes made in and for use in some international markets can also be significantly more dangerous to your health than cigarettes made for sale in the UK.

Joe’s Juice are a manufacturer of premium e-liquid from their head quarters in Nottingham.

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Confidence Booster: Six Easy Ways to Build Up Your Self-Esteem When it comes to those crucial intangibles in life — the ones that impact your happiness and overall well-being, as well as your success — confidence is king. But what is confidence? How can you acquire more of it? The important thing to know about confidence is that you don’t need to depend on external factors — a compliment from someone else, a raise from your boss — to increase it. As it turns out, you hold the power to boost your self-esteem. All it takes is a little effort to hone in on what makes you uniquely you. It’s all about recognizing all of the amazing things you bring to the world, while also seeking out new ways to bring more.

In need of a little boost? Here are a handful of super easy ways to build up your self-esteem.

Dress up

You’ve likely heard the expression “dress for success” — and there’s a solid reason why it’s such a commonly used phrase. When you dress sharply, you feel good about yourself, and that self-confidence radiates outward, affecting how others perceive you. In fact, one 2015 study found that wearing formal clothes actually changed people’s thought processes as a result of making them feel more powerful.

Dressing well doesn’t have to mean blowing your entire paycheck, either. The idea is to put a little thought into your ensemble and incorporating some timeless pieces that are flattering for your particular figure — the kinds of garments that make you look put-together while also highlighting your favorite assets.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to put some thought into your underthings as well — after all, they serve as the foundation for your outfit and can impact how your clothes hang on your body. By slipping on some sexy lingerie under a killer outfit, you’re bound to walk a little taller all day long knowing you have a sultry little secret.

Join a group

Sometimes, we need a little extra help from others to boost our self-confidence. And as it turns out, getting involved in a group can be even more powerful in this regard than just hanging with a friend or three. In fact, a 2015 study from the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research found that, while having a large network of friends didn’t predict self-esteem, belonging to groups did, because they offered a unique sense of support. Whether you decide to join a book club, a support group or a networking group, you’re bound to feel more confident while making connections with others who share similar interests, values or goals.

Take a risk
There’s something innately invigorating about doing something you’d never normally do, whether that means going skydiving, performing at an open mic night or trying a new fitness class you’ve been intimidated by. Taking risks is empowering because it teaches us to overcome our fears, and more importantly, our self-doubts. Plus, afterward, you’re left with a renewed sense of confidence that you can, in fact, do something you felt you couldn’t. Make it a point to take a risk every week. Not only will you be surprised by your inner-strength in doing so, but you may even find a new passion in the process as well.

Practice self-affirmations

Don’t underestimate the power of some positive self-talk. Need proof? Research published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that affirmations can boost your confidence. Half of the study’s participants were asked to write about their most important negotiating skill, while the other half were told to write about their least important negotiating skill. When all participants were then tested on their skills, the ones who completed the self-affirmation performed significantly better in negotiating a lower sale price than those who didn’t. So, start each day with a mantra that highlights one of your best attributes — either by saying it out loud to yourself in the mirror or by writing it down in a journal.

Listen to some pump-up jams
Real talk: When you’re getting fired up for a night out on the town with your girlfriends, you rely on a killer playlist to get you pumped, right? Music can obviously have a powerful impact on your mood, but research has shown that it can also affect your self-esteem. In fact, a 2015 study from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University revealed that people who listened to a “high-power” playlist (of songs that made participants feel most powerful, determined and dominant) actually performed the tasks they were given more successfully than those who listened to a “low-power” playlist. Not only that, but they felt braver: those who listened to the high-power playlist were more likely to volunteer to go first in a debate. Start each day with some empowering music, whether you listen to it while getting ready at home or on your commute to work. Not sure which songs to include? The study noted that songs with heavier bass seemed to have the greatest confidence-boosting effect.

Start a “lift list”

The reality is, you do amazing things all of the time that you don’t acknowledge. So, take some time at the end of every day to write down at least one thing you’re proud of. Maybe it’s that you got some positive feedback from a client, or maybe it’s that you made it to the gym for the fourth day in a row. It could even be something as simple as the fact that you made yourself a healthy lunch to pack for work, or that you took the time to meditate before heading into the office. Pat yourself on the back for all of these accomplishments by writing them down — then, when you feel like you need a jolt of confidence, look back at your list to get an instant lift.

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Plastic Surgery: It’s No Longer Just for a Select Few If you have a few years on you, you might remember the theme song to the television show The Facts of Life. In one verse, they sing, “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life.” However, we no longer have to take the bad when it comes to certain things, we are not happy with about our bodies. Plastic surgery is quickly becoming the norm as the prices for procedures continue to drop. Below are a few simple plastic surgery procedures that are not quite common in today’s society. Perhaps there are one or two that you might be interested in!

Nose Job

Remember when nose jobs seemed to only be done on famous starlets hoping to improve their looks for the camera? Nowadays, if you are not happy with your nose, you simply go in for a quick procedure and get it fixed to your liking. There are high school girls that now do this with their parents’ permission. And it just isn’t for women either. Dean Martin actually had his nose done before he hit it big back in the day. And it has been said that Elvis Presley received no fewer than two nose jobs in his life. Just a little tweak here and there can make a huge difference in your appearance. Plus, if it is something pretty minor like taking a bump out of the bridge, people won’t even know for sure that you got one. They will just know you look a whole lot better!


Sometimes no matter how hard you workout, that extra fat around your midsection just won’t disappear. This is especially true for women that have had kids in the past. Now with a quick liposuction procedure, you can get rid of those extra pounds and look better instantly.

Breast Augmentation

Boob jobs used to seem like they were only for actresses interested in improving upon their appearance. However, breast augmentation is now the most popular plastic surgery for women. And the men in this world all thank you!

There are quality plastic surgeons all over the globe if you are interested in a procedure. If you happen to live in Canada, contact a plastic surgeon in Montreal and you will be ready to jump on board once you see the results from previous surgery. Your appearance is no longer something you have to just live with. Now you can improve upon it dramatically without feeling even a little bit guilty.

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Learn the key tricks to boost your confidence before a dental appointment The current trend with respect to lifestyle choices all around the world is one of healthy eating and staying fit. Now we do love our multi-gyms and cardio training for achieving that desirable hot-bod, but what about the teeth? If truth be told, you need to maintain your dental health and hygiene as it is a major component of the overall health.

It is not a good idea to avoid visiting the dentist as a tiny dental/oral problem can snowball into a complicated affair. Usually, people avoid dentists because none of us much of an idea about what goes on inside a dentist's chamber and the very idea of someone fiddling inside our mouth gives us the chills! The following article will take care of this fear of the unknown and stop you from skipping dentist appointments.

For more queries and expert opinions about your dental health and specific problems regarding oral health and hygiene visit Gables dentist solutions of south fla.

So what does a dentist do? Let us have a look!

The team

A dental team usually comprises of the dentist along with an army of experts and trained professionals including oral hygienist, specialists, and caregivers. Yes, you are included in the team as well, and your preparation will go a long way to make the appointment and procedures smoother. Don't worry, the trained professionals will take care of your care and comfort before, during and after any procedure.

Specialists take care of specialized dental jobs

The dentist is your source for first consultation and evaluation which will perform the surgical and complicated corrective procedures.

The oral hygienist will take care of the plaque and the tartar problems through scaling, flossing, and polishing of your teeth.

Lastly, you might require specialists including an Orthodontist depending upon the nature of your specific complain and complication.

A general outline on the procedure

  • Most of the experts will recommend you go for a routine check-up to stay on top of your dental problems if any! A dentist will be able to clean your teeth and perform oral prophylaxis. He will also search for cavities through dental x-rays which are a completely painless procedure.
  • Next, the dentist checks your teeth for signs of plaque and tartar. Plaque is usually a film of bacteria which sticks on the surface of the teeth and solidifies over time to form tartar. Only through a professional scaling procedure performed by a hygienist can you rid yourself of plaque and tartar without harming your teeth.
  • Lastly, your dentist will ascertain and make sure there are no further complications with your gums, tongue, and throat. This final step is extremely important as some of the signs of heart diseases, and oral cancer can be detected quite early by a professional.

You must consult a dentist to avoid the development of serious complications later on in life. Practice good habits at home like brushing and flossing at regular intervals. Ensure maximum protection and invest in a good quality mouthwash to have access to all-round protection even when traveling.

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The importance of collagen in the body and how to get it Staying fit, young and healthy is a common wish for all! One of the elements in the body that helps to attain it all is Collagen. And with age and lack of a proper body care regime, the production of collagen reduces. It naturally invites the signs of aging and a weak body. Not many people are aware of the importance of collagen and ways to enhance it.

Understanding the importance of collagen

Collagen is a vital fibrous protein in the connective tissues. It’s present in our joints, bones as well as skin. Collagen is one of the natural generating proteins that comprise about 30% of the overall body protein component. Its function is to hold the body, just like glue which offers strength and firmness. Furthermore, collagen sometimes is considered stronger than steel, especially Type 1 collagen.

The collagen proteins in the body form fibrils. And these are tissues that get arranged in a daily pattern. As we age the collagen production minimizes, which leads to weak connections. It is the reason why we get the weak joints, skin wrinkles and have problems in ligaments and tendons. It also results in bone loss and osteoporosis in some people.

Often post-exercise our muscle tissue undergoes a repair mechanism. It is because of the microscopic tears inside the muscles that lead to the expansion. While the muscle growth quickly responds in exercise, the development of the connective tissue and collagen is unusually slow. Pigment changes, wrinkles, and lines on the skin are direct after-effects of collagen breakdown.

How to enhance collagen production in the body?

That is the obvious question you would want to ask. Some of the important ways to enhance your collagen production include the following:

  • Get the right balance of Vitamin C

An absence of Vitamin C has shown to cause scurvy in people. And Vitamin C is essential for collagen boost. One of the principal sources of Vitamin C is citrus fruits, broccoli, kiwis, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. Regular intake of these vegetables and fruits will help you boost your collagen production, which will help you strengthen your joints, muscles and give your skin the necessary smoothness and suppleness it requires.

  • Saying yes to the safe collagen boosting products

Today, you can have access to some of the best collagen boosting products online! You can browse and buy from Amazon.com. There are plenty to select from. These products are known for their wide range of benefits.

  • Enhance your protein content

Collagen in addition to protein components in the body is made of building blocks such as amino acids. And for generation of amino acids, you need to develop proteins by adding protein content in the body. Protein helps to repair the muscle tissues and also strengthen the collagen content. Hence, a healthy balance of dietary protein from fish is essential.

These are some of the ways to enhance collagen production in the body! However, you should also read through the reviews online and the feedback before you opt-in for the collagen boosting products. Also, read the benefits of the collagen supplements before opting for it.

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You Can Maintain Your Muscle Strength Level Even When You Age

You remember when you were in your 20s and you could lift heavy weights at the gym without any problem. But, now that you are in your 50s, you discover that your strength has diminished. This is a typical sign of aging.

Apart from your age, it might also be your lifestyle that prevents you from maintaining muscle strength. Remember these tips if you want to continue building your muscle strength even as you age.

Eat more protein

Protein makes up every muscle that you find in your body. Without enough protein intake, it is impossible to achieve muscle mass and increase strength. You need to incorporate fish and lean meat in your regular diet. If your doctor has restricted you from eating these foods, you could consider eggs, quinoa, and beans as they are also excellent sources of protein.

Continue lifting weights

A sedentary lifestyle might be one of the primary reasons why you are losing muscle mass. Even if you are aging, you need to continue working out and do not forget to lift weights while you are at the gym. As you lift or press weights, microscopic tears in the muscles occur and as a result, your body quickly responds by repairing the muscles and rebuilding them stronger. Hence, you improve your muscle strength and mass over time.

Try aerobic exercise

You can keep your muscles healthy and stabilize your heart when you do aerobic exercise. Spend a few minutes each day swimming, running, walking or gardening. These activities help keep your muscles in perfect shape. You also test your strength and stamina via your physical activity.

Strengthen your bones

If you want your muscles to remain strong, you need to strengthen your bones. You’ll need plenty of calcium so that your bones don’t become brittle. Aging bones can become easily fractured and injured. Key takeaway: You can do more intense physical activities if you have strong bones.

Consider your overall health

Building muscles and increasing strength are strong reasons for you to change your lifestyle. Apart from that, you’ll gain lots of other health benefits. Not only will you have the ability to do more due to better muscle development, building up your strength helps ward off illness.

Take supplements

You are at an age when your body does not absorb nutrients the same way that it did ten or twenty years ago. Men over 50 supplements are crucial if you want to build your muscles and enjoy vitality through your 50s and beyond. Change your lifestyle now and start becoming more physically active; you don’t have to let age prevent you from staying healthy.

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What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About How Pets Affect Your Health

Pet owners enjoy plenty of health benefits from living with their furry friends. On the other hand, there are some less positive issues to keep in mind, like allergies and infections. Protect yourself and your family with these tips.

Maximizing the Health Advantages of Pet Ownership

  1. Reduce stress. Petting an animal tends to lower your blood pressure and decrease the levels of stress hormones in your bloodstream. That lowers your risk for many conditions, including inflammation and heart disease.

  2. Exercise daily. If you have trouble finding the motivation to go to a gym regularly, dogs will help you stay active. You may look forward to your morning walks as much as they do.
  3. Lift your spirits. Interacting with friendly animals dramatically increases natural substances in your body like oxytocin that helps you to feel good. Unconditional love can be difficult to find, but your dog has loads to share.

  4. Socialize more. Animals also help you to connect with your own species. Your neighbors will start asking you how old your puppy is. You automatically have something in common with other iguana fans.

Managing Pet-Related Allergies

  1. Limit exposure. Forget about fur. The dander that flakes off an animal’s skin causes you to itch and wheeze, so a tiny kitten may aggravate your symptoms more than a Great Dane. On the other hand, keeping them both out of your bedroom may be enough to keep you comfortable.

  2. Clean house. Strategic housekeeping helps too. Trade in carpets and drapes for wood floors and blinds. Use HEPA air filters and vacuums.

  3. Take medication. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs can relieve the symptoms of pet allergies. If you need something stronger, your doctor may recommend taking shots.

  4. Stay up to date. Remember that new allergies can develop at any time. Even if you’ve lived with animals for years, you may want to ask your doctor for a skin or blood test if you notice unfamiliar symptoms.

Managing Other Health Risks Related to Pet Ownership

  1. Wash your hands. The common sense measures that protect you from colds work for other infections too. Scrub your hands after scooping up after your dog or changing your cat’s litter box. Keep your hands away from your face after petting them.

  2. Avoid bites and scratches. Train your pets to play gently. Supervise small children until they’re old enough to understand how to take care of pets.

  3. Eliminate fleas. Some infections are caused by the insects that live on your pet’s body. Ensure that your pets wear flea and tick protection collars, and check their skin regularly.

  4. Talk with your veterinarian and doctor. Give your health care providers complete information so they can treat you and your loved ones appropriately. Otherwise, they only know half the picture.

  5. Provide early exposure. Ironically, pets can be especially valuable for small children even though they’re more vulnerable to some health risks. Children who live with pets catch fewer colds and other infections. Some experts believe that having a dog around will strengthen the immune systems of babies who are less than 6 months old.

  6. Take extra precautions. In addition to children, other groups could also have strong reactions to pets, including the elderly and pregnant women, who need to avoid changing litter boxes to avoid a parasite called toxoplasmosis.

For most animal lovers, the health benefits of pets far outweigh the risks. Practicing good hygiene and staying on top of proper veterinary care will keep you fit while you enjoy each other’s company.

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7 Signs of Asbestos Poisoning and How to Prevent It It is estimated that asbestos poisoning is responsible for about 90,000 deaths globally every year. In addition to this, 125 million people remain at risk of exposure from asbestos. It is mainly occupational related. Asbestos is one of the natural mineral products. Asbestos refers to six minerals that occur naturally. These minerals are Chrysotile, Amosite, Tremolite, Crocidolite, and Anthophyllite. Chrysotile is the most common type of asbestos. Asbestos is resistant to corrosion, electricity, chemicals, and heat. This mineral was used widely in the past on floor tiles, cement, and products.

To rule out the risk of exposure, it is imperative to conduct asbestos air monitoring and assessments, especially for older buildings. Licensed experts should handle these inspections. Visit thresholdenv.com.au for more information on how to protect yourself and your workers from the risk of asbestos exposure.

If you suspect that you have been exposed, look out for the following signs:

  1. Shortness of Breath

If you inhale asbestos fibers for an extended period, scar tissue can form in your lungs. This condition is referred to as asbestosis. The scar tissue causes blockage, and this leads to shortness of breath. It is one of the first signs that can point to asbestos exposure.

  1. Swollen Fingertips

Swollen fingertips is another common sign of asbestosis. Everyone does not experience this, but nearly half of the cases reported have this symptom in common. The swelling is mainly on the fingertips where the tips appear rounder or fuller.

  1. Fatigue

People who are exposed to asbestos tend to feel extremely tired even after doing simple chores. This is often combined with shortness of breath. Fatigue is also an indicator of other asbestos-related illnesses such as lung cancer or mesothelioma.

  1. Wheezing

Wheezing is another common sign. The inflammation of the lungs causes this. Wheezing can also be followed by shortness of breath. If you experience wheezing and you do not smoke, then this is a significant concern for concern and may point to extensive asbestos exposure.

  1. Persistent Dry Cough

While the effects of the asbestos can go undetected for long, one of the tell signs that can help detect it earlier is a persistent dry cough. This cough can remain even after someone is exposed after 20 years. A dry cough develops due to the formation of scar tissue, especially in the lungs. This tends to build up over time and so does a cough.

  1. Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension is an advanced sign of asbestos exposure. The hypertension is caused by scar tissue build-up. This makes it hard for arteries to pump blood smoothly into the lungs. Hypertension occurs due to the increased pressure to pump blood from the heart to the lungs. Pulmonary hypertension can lead to congestive heart failure or coronary artery disease. This is because the heart is forced to work much harder than usual.

  1. Clubbed Toes and Fingers

When sufficient oxygen is not delivered to the blood, the result is clubbing of the toes and fingers. This is characterized by swelling and widening of the toes and fingers. In advanced stages, the toenails and fingernails can get deformed to oxygen deficiency.

The Latency Duration of Asbestos

Asbestos and most mineral poisoning diseases have a long latency period. This means that the illness can develop many years after initial exposure. In many of the asbestos cases, the symptoms may take about 20 to 30 years before they are detected. This is from the time someone was exposed. The latency duration is pegged on the severity of the exposure.

Insulation workers and asbestos miners suffer severe exposure. Typically, the latency period is between 12 to 20 years for these workers. For workers who are not exposed for long, the latency period can stretch to 30 years.

Clinical testing and imaging scans are used to detect the signs of asbestos exposure. This can be done before the advanced symptoms begin to show. If you suspect asbestos exposure, you need to seek medical attention sooner rather than later.

Managing The Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure

The only way to prevent asbestos exposure is to stay away from exposed areas. Patients can manage the symptoms and improve the quality of life by:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Eating a well-balanced diet
  • Exercising regularly to improve oxygen and blood flow
  • Avoiding air pollution if you work in high-risk areas
  • Getting adequate rest to avoid fatigue.
  • Preventing respiratory diseases such as flu by observing high hygiene standards.

High-Risk Asbestos Occupations

Another way to prevent exposure is to be aware of the high-risk occupations. Workers in the construction, railroad, shipbuilding, and automotive industries face a higher risk of exposure. These workers record the highest numbers of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer, and asbestos pleural disease. The risk of exposure also extends to family members of these workers. Asbestos-related diseases can be brought into homes through clothing, shoes, hair, and skin. In addition to these high-risk occupations, asbestos can be found in commercial and residential buildings, warehouses and any buildings that were constructed in the 1980s and before this period.

The signs and symptoms of asbestos exposure may mirror other respiratory diseases. It is essential for people to seek diagnostic treatment. This will help detect the exposure in good time, and you can take preventative measures to manage the symptoms and to improve the quality of life. Medication is also administered to help deal with the symptoms.

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7 Tips to Detect Early Signs of Skin Cancer While skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, it does have the highest survival rate. Unfortunately, recognizing changes in your skin can challenging as it is an organ that is ever-changing. The appearance of our skin can change as we age and in response to sun damage. In most cases, the moles and other spots on our skin are innocuous and are typically more unsightly than they are dangerous. In fact, studies have shown that the body sheds nearly 2 pounds of dead skin every year as a means of making room for new skin cells. Nonetheless, it is still important to routinely check your skin and alert your physician if you come across anything that may be indicative of skin cancer. In this article, we will detail some of the symptoms associated with cancer and how to differentiate between harmless skin imperfections and possible skin problems.


Although most physicians and dermatologist recommend inspecting your skin for abnormalities, it is not an easy task. Skin cancer is either characterized as melanoma or non-melanoma. Of these two, non-melanoma is the most common. It is asymptomatic and forms in the deepest layers of the skin. Melanoma, on the other hand, is far more aggressive and can be fatal if left untreated. This strain of skin cancer is most likely to develop in the middle layers of the skin and can easily spread to the other parts of the body.

Now that we have a cursory understanding of the two forms of skin cancer, let's take a moment to better understand the symptom associated with each.


Although the symptoms can vary slightly from person to person, non-melanoma is delineated by unusual growth on the skin or wounds that don't heal. Some of the more common symptoms of non-melanoma skin cancer include

  • Skin discoloration
  • Moles that change in size or texture
  • Moles that begin to bleed

In discussing non-melanoma skin cancer, it is important to note that there are three different variations of the disease including

Squamous cell carcinomas – This form of skin cancer is characterized by lesion-like lumps on the skin, typically firm, rough or scaly in texture. To give you some context, those who have been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinomas have compared the symptoms to that of eczema.

Basal cell carcinomas – This form of skin cancer is characterized by discolored bumps on the skin. As the disease progresses, patches of skin may become pale or brownish and may begin to bleed.

Merkel cell carcinomas – This form of cancer is characterized by red or pinkish-colored moles that usually appear on areas of the skin commonly exposed to sunlight like your arms, neck, shoulders, face, and scalp, for example.


As previously stated, melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer. It often appears in the form of new moles that can quickly change in size, texture, and color. That said, melanoma can be difficult to detect as cancerous moles often mimic the look of non-cancerous moles. The only way to confirm the presence of melanoma is to be examined by a general physician, oncologist, or dermatologist who will conduct an "ABCDE" test. These tests are designed to help physician discern between cancerous and non-cancerous moles on the skin.


Because moles can vary in shape, color, and size, an "ABCDE" test is needed to determine conclusively whether or not a patient has melanoma skin cancer. That said, let's take a closer look at what these letters signify:

  • A: Asymmetrical

  • B: Borders

  • C: Color

  • D: Diameter

  • E: Evolution

Now that we understand what the acronyms stand for, let's delve into how they pertain to melanoma skin cancer:


Asymmetrical – Melanoma moles or lesions usually are usually asymmetrical while non-cancerous moles are uniform and circular.

Borders – Unlike cancerous moles, non-cancerous moles are characterized by even borders. In many cases, the color of the moles may appear to be bleeding into the skin.

Color – Cancerous moles are often characterized by multi-colored while non-cancerous moles will have only one color.

Diameter – The one thing that is salient amongst all cancerous moles is their size; moles impacted by melanoma generally have a diameter measuring 6 millimeters.

Evolution – Non-cancerous moles or lesions generally do not change in terms of shape or size. Cancerous moles or lesions, on the other hand, can change over time.


It is important to remember that your skin is ever-changing, evolving, and repairing. This means that a new mole, bump, or scab is not always indicative of cancer. Nonetheless, if you're experiencing any of the symptoms outlined in this article, you're encouraged to schedule a visit with a general physician, oncologist, or dermatologist as soon as possible, especially if the mole or scab feels unusually tender, changes shape, or grows in size.

The best way to help your doctor determine whether or not you have skin cancer is by keeping a record of the shape and size of your moles, especially those that you believe may be cancerous. Lastly, it is always a good idea to use sunscreen to minimize your chances of developing skin cancer. If you've noticed any abnormalities in your skin and reside in the Byron Bay area, you're encouraged to schedule a consultation with Byron Bay Doctors Brightside Clinic, a family clinic that offers skin checks and a number of other health services.

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7 affordable ways to help your body function at its best When it comes to the human body, it is a marvel of engineering that is still not fully understood. It is capable of fighting off infection and warding off disease without us having to do much to facilitate the process. However, we still must do our part to ensure that it continues to operate at peak efficiency. Of course, this does not mean spending an exorbitant amount of money on whole foods or expensive gym memberships. After all, maximum benefits can be derived from small dietary and lifestyle changes. In this article, we will take a look at 7 ways to improve your health and transform your life.


Although it may sound cliché, a healthy diet can significantly improve your health. To that point, foods like whole grains and lean meats are a great source of energy. Also, they can keep you feeling satiated and ready to handle whatever the day has in store for you.


The best way to maintain strength and prevent muscle loss is to consume foods that are rich in protein; some of these foods include legumes, seeds, lean meats, and low-fat dairy. The protein derived from these food sources not only helps repair muscles after a strenuous workout but also contributes to healthier skin, hair, and nails. Protein also plays a critical role in helping the body to fight off infections, build DNA, improve digestion, and improve respiratory health. Whether you're a carnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, adding protein to your diet is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your health and body function.


One of the best ways to keep your body functioning at its best is to consume foods that provide you with sustainable energy. In addition to keeping you satiated, foods like rice, pasta whole grain bread, and other carbohydrates can fuel the body, which, in turn, leads to improved muscle and brain function. It is also worth noting that carbohydrates like bread and rice are very inexpensive and easily accessible.


Obviously, this article would not be complete without detailing how food can improve brain function. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, mackerel, canola oil, sardines, and olive oil, for example, can boost and preserve brain function. So it may be a good idea to add these foods to your grocery list next time to head to the supermarket.

Having gone over the role that food plays in our overall health, let's take a moment to go over a few more things that you can do to improve body function.


Drinking water is critical when it comes to keeping your body hydrated and functioning at peak efficiency. Also, it is very affordable; according to the International Bottled Water Association, the median cost for one gallon of non-sparkling water is $1.11. Water has been shown to improve digestive health and overall body function. The recommended daily amount, however, can vary from person to person depending upon their level of activity. Nonetheless, the average adult male should make it a point to consume a minimum of 3 liters per day while adult women should try to consume 2.2 liters per day to prevent dehydration.


While it is possible to get a significant amount vitamins and nutrients through food, it is still a good idea to take multivitamins to make up for what may not be absorbed naturally through food. This is especially true of calcium, folic acid, and vitamin D. To further put all of this into context, let's take a look at the benefits associated with each of these vitamins:

Calcium and Vitamin D – These two vitamins have been shown to lead to improved bone health, which is especially important if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. It is also an effective way to avoid developing the disease as well.

Folic acid – This vitamin, as well as other B vitamins, are shown to help reduce the likelihood of birth defects. It can also boost energy and improve neurological function.


Along with a healthy diet, exercise can improve joint health, strengthen bones, and improve one's cardiovascular health. It is also a great way to maintain a healthy weight. To get the most out of exercise, consider adopting a weight training routine as it can help strengthen the body's musculoskeletal system. To target specific muscle groups, consider doing a wide range of body weight exercises like pull-ups and sit-ups, for example. For more advanced exercises, you may want to add bench pressing as well as weighted squats to your workout routine as these exercises can strengthen the core, not to mention chest, back, and leg muscles.


Stress can lead to a number of physical and mental health problems, which is why it important to find ways to better cope with it. For many people, mediation, exercise, and massage are very effective in getting stress levels under control. After all, too much stress can adversely affect your health in a variety of ways including:

  • Digestive health
  • Immune system
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Respiratory health


If you find staying focused while meditating to be overly challenging or if you're not a proponent of exercise, you may want to consider massage as a means of coping with stress. It is worth noting that massage therapy extends well beyond soothing aching muscles. When used as a form of stress management, massage therapy can increase the body's production of serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine, which can lower cortisol levels, increase energy, and stabilize mood. If you're in Wollongong or the surrounding areas, you're encouraged to visit Trinacria Health Therapy, a premiere remedial and sports massage clinic based in Wollongong. Trinacria Health provides excellent massage and rehabilitative care, which is ideal for those who have chosen to make exercise part of a healthy lifestyle.

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What You Need to Know About Fascia and Your Health How much do you know about your fascia? It’s an important part of human anatomy that’s finally getting the attention it deserves, because caring for this connective tissue could make a big difference in your mental and physical health.

Harvard Medical School held the first international Fascia Research Congress in 2007. Since then, fascia has continued to grow as a buzzword in places like yoga studios and physical therapy centers. For those who treat their fascia at home, Amazon now carries more than 1,000 different kinds of foam rollers.

If you’re trying to recover from an injury or increase your flexibility, the answer to these and other health issues could lie in your fascia. Study this quick guide to learn more.

Facts About Fascia:

  1. What is fascia? Are you wondering where your fascia is? It’s right under your skin and covers your body from head to toe. It consists of bundles of collagen fibers that encase each cell of your body.
  2. Smooth it out. Fascia starts out sleek and moist, but daily living causes complications. Adhesions and distortions form over time leading to discomfort and stiffness. Aging, poor posture, sedentary lifestyles, and other factors can make it more difficult to move.
  3. Increase your mobility. On the other hand, much of the damage done to fascia can be prevented and reversed. With proper care, bending and twisting may become much more comfortable again.
  4. Fight cellulite. Some experts believe that cellulite is due to unhealthy fascia. Before you spend money on expensive creams, you may want to try some natural methods.

Caring for Your Fascia:

  1. Stretch for a longer time. Do a variety of exercises to stretch your muscles and the fascia that surrounds them. Stretch slowly and hold the stretch for about 3 minutes or more. The more leisurely pace is due to fascia contracting and expanding more slowly than other tissue.
  2. Drink water. It’s easier for fascia to glide smoothly if it stays moist. You can help the process by staying hydrated. Drink water at meals and throughout the day.
  3. Manage stress. Tension and its mental and physical consequences are a major cause of damage to fascia. Find effective ways to relax such as physical exercise and listening to instrumental music. Try to think positive and make time in your schedule to connect with family and friends.
  4. Stand tall. Correct posture makes it easier for fascia to do its job of holding you together and helping you to move. Practice gently lifting your chest and pressing your shoulders back. Keep your shoulders stacked over your hips.
  5. Try rollers. Some people find relief from body aches and enhance their sports performance by using foam rollers to massage muscles and fascia. When you’re working on fascial release, move slowly and press down on tight spots for a minute or two.
  6. Apply heat. Warmth can also loosen up your fascia and make you more flexible. Do cardio activities like running, biking, and swimming. To soothe a sore back or shoulder, apply a heat pack.
  7. Do yoga. One of the first and most effective physical practices to focus on fascia was yoga. Any style can help, but you may want to include yin yoga because of its emphasis on slow stretches.
  8. See a specialist. There are many professionals who offer fascial release, but it’s important to check credentials. Ask someone you trust for referrals or work with someone like a chiropractor or physical therapist to ensure they have extensive education in anatomy.

Stay strong and supple by taking care of your fascia. Simple habits like stretching and drinking water can help to reduce your risk of injury and protect your mobility.

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7 practices to develop a strong and healthy outlook in life It’s been said that living a positive life helps create a positive life. When you choose to live a happy life rather than a negative one, you can bring more positive energy into your life. Happy, positive people tend to attract goodness into their lives, and that has encouraged many people to spend more time looking to change their attitude and outlook. It’s not always as easy as waking up each morning and deciding to be in a good mood, however. Some days are easy, but some days it can feel as if everything is working against you. When this happens, it’s hard to feel positive or happy about life. When this happens, it’s important you have some idea how to control your emotions and your outlook. It takes practice, but each of the following habits can help you develop a positive outlook on life.

Think Before You Speak

If you want to practice living a more positive life, you must think before you speak. One of the most dangerous things people do is open their mouths and speak before they take the time to think about what they want to say. For example, if you live your life saying negative things about people, about yourself, about your life, you’re going to live a negative life. It’s hard to live a happy and positive existence when you’re verbally bashing other people and yourself. If you think before you speak, you can put an end to those damaging words. Ask yourself these questions before you say anything.

-              Is it helpful?

-              Is it gossip?

-              Is it true?

-              Is it nice?

-              Would I be upset if someone said the same thing about me?

If it’s unhelpful, untrue, mean, hurtful, or you’d be upset if someone else said the same thing, keep your mouth closed and your thoughts to yourself. The more you practice this, the happier your life will become. You’ll find you’re able to focus on your own life rather than the lives of others, and that makes for a much happier existence.

Stop Complaining

Complaining is ugly. People are turned off by those who complain all the time, and that’s one of the primary reasons you might want to stop complaining. Try to stop yourself before you complain by reminding yourself that complaining only makes your life terrible. It doesn’t add value to your day, but it does take away some of the positivity and happiness by causing you to focus on the bad things that happen. Brisbane Psychologist Dr Jane Zhao-O'Brien helps patients learn to redirect their thoughts so that they are positive rather than full of complaints.

Focus on Good Things

What you focus on becomes your reality. If you constantly focus on things that are negative and unhappy, you invite negativity and unhappiness into your life. When you work to change your focus so that it’s only on the good and beautiful, you tend to invite more good and more beauty into your life. When you’re tempted to focus on something negative, try to refocus your thoughts to find something good at the moment.

Write in A Gratitude Journal

When you practice gratitude, you learn to focus on all the good things that happen in your life. Writing in a gratitude journal is a wonderful way to make that a reality. Start by purchasing a notebook or opening a file on your computer that’s only for writing down positive thoughts. It doesn’t matter what time of day you do this, but many people state they find it’s best to do it first thing in the morning or right before bed.

By writing down three things you’re grateful for when you wake up, you set the tone for a positive day. If you prefer, you can write down three things you were thankful for that day just before you go to bed. This helps you fall asleep focusing on how good your life is rather than worrying about things you cannot control.

Stop Using the Word “But”

The word ‘but’ is a negative word far more than it is a positive word. When you use this phrase, you’re inviting negative thoughts and energy into your day. For example, if you think that it’s a beautiful day outside, you’ll find yourself looking for the beauty in the day. If you think that it’s a beautiful day outside, but it’s going to rain later, you’re inviting negative thoughts into your positive space. If you can stop using the word ‘but,’ you can change your life in a positive manner.

Stop Negative Thoughts In Their Tracks

Negative thoughts are always a problem, and you have to learn to manage them. When you learn to manage negative thoughts by turning them into positive thoughts, you learn to control your emotions. One of the most effective ways to do this is to stop yourself in your tracks when a negative thought appears. Consciously remind yourself that life is good, and you are a worthy person. When you make it a habit to stop your negative thoughts before you have a chance to think them through, you learn to stop producing so many negative thoughts. Allow yourself to be happier by thinking only positive thoughts, and you might be amazed at just how much your life can change.

Learn to Accept Compliments

One of the biggest flaws many people have is their inability to accept a compliment with a smile and a thanks. It’s easy to feel embarrassed or unworthy of praise when you live a life that’s not filled with positivity. When someone compliments you, you’re tempted to argue politely with them about how you don’t look that good, or how you didn’t feel confident in your presentation, or how you don’t feel good enough. Stop doing that. It’s not positive. Instead, practice smiling and saying thank you to people when they issue a compliment, and do not say another word. When you don’t argue, you forget all the reasons you don’t feel good enough.

Each of these habits is designed to help you live a more positive life with a much better outlook. You can’t change your life in a day, but you can make small changes every day that add up to big changes over time. Habits take a while to create, so keep practicing being more positive every day. It won’t take but a few months for you to recognize all the positive changes in your life.

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7 well-known facts that boost mental health We are already several weeks into 2019, and a lot of people have already given up on their new year resolutions. Probably, you had resolved to quit smoking and drinking, eat more vegetables, go to the gym every day, or even volunteer some of your spare time. But for various reasons, you are not making any strides in your 2019 resolutions.

This year, before you let your resolutions fly out of the window, probably you can try out a different approach. Did you know that most of the times people fail to achieve their objectives because their minds are clouded and they can’t think clearly? Before you embark on your new year resolutions, why not consider investing in your mental health?

Why is good mental health so important?

Mental health and physical health are related in many ways. You should take care of your mental health just the way you take care of your physical health. Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize when their mental health is deteriorating. Generally, good mental health means being able to think clearly, feel and react appropriately to different aspects of your life.

If you are going through a period of poor mental health, you might find yourself caught up in thoughts, feeling, and reacting abnormally. Poor mental health can feel as bad as physical illness or sometimes even worse. The worst part is poor mental health does not only affect you, but it also affects the people around you.

How can you take charge of your mental health?

Not knowing what is happening in your mind can be upsetting, confusing and terrifying. The fears can stop you from talking to other people about your problems or even seeking help, which increases your distress and the loneliness. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for your mental health to get to this state. The following seven tips from Brisbane Psychologists Wellbeing can help to boost your mental health this year.

  1. Get in shape

Regular exercises have numerous benefits not only to physical health but also to mental health. Scientists believe that exercises trigger the release of chemicals known as endorphins in the brain. These chemicals are known for their stress-relieving and mood-boosting effects. That is why experts recommend exercises as a powerful antidote to depression, anxiety, and stress.

Besides, exercises will help you to get into good shape, which makes you feel confident about your body. You can start by looking for small ways to incorporate exercises into your daily routine. For instance, you can choose to start taking stairs instead of the elevator or even walking instead of catching a bus.

  1. Switch to healthy eating

The food that you eat nourishes your entire body, including the brain. There’s usually a strong connection between what we eat and how we feel. For instance, taking a caffeinated beverage can have an immediate effect on your brain. Just like other vital organs in the body, your brain needs a proper mix of nutrients to function properly.

A proper diet for your brain should include whole grain cereals, different fruits and vegetables, oily fish, nut and seeds, dairy products, and plenty of water. You should consider avoiding processed foods and too much alcohol. Combining a balanced diet with an appropriate exercise routine can work miracles on your mental health.

  1. Meditate

There’s a lot of scientific evidence pointing out to the numerous health benefits of meditation. Besides keeping stress at bay, meditation can help to improve your concentration, boost your memory, improve your mood, and promote better sleep. The best bit is that you don’t need a whole morning session to meditate. You can take as little as ten minutes every day to meditate, and still reap its many benefits. Over the years, mental health experts, spiritual leaders, and educators have developed numerous forms of meditation. It, therefore, means that you will always find the type of meditation that will work for you.

  1. Get enough sleep

Scientific research has shown that an individual’s sleeping pattern and their mental health are entwined. Getting sufficient sleep improves your alertness, enhances your mood, improves your memory and creativity, and it also improves your creativity.

Experts recommend that an adult should get at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep every day for optimal health. Sleep deprivation can result in a host of health problems including depression, cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, weight gain, mental fatigue, and a compromised immune system.

  1. Open up to someone

Opening up to someone about how you feel can help you stay in good mental health especially when you are troubled. Majority of the people fear to talk to other people about their problems because they see it as a sign of weakness. But No! Sharing your experiences with someone else is part of taking charge of your mental health.

It can help you to cope with a problem you have been hiding deep in your mind for a while. We all need the support of other people; otherwise, we will feel lonely and left out. We all know it’s not easy to open up to people about your personal life but think of the good that it can do to your mental health.

  1. Cut off toxic relationships

A relationship is supposed to make you happy and feel loved. However, if your significant other is constantly trying to pin you down, it can have a devastating effect on your mental health. It is better to love and lose than to continue loving while it takes a toll on your mental health. People fail to step out of toxic relationships because they fear heartbreaks. No doubt healing a broken heart can take time, but you can embrace different tricks to make it through this period without too much pain.

  1. Reinvent yourself

If you have tried most of the things listed here and you are still not satisfied, perhaps it’s time to make some serious changes in your life. These changes could be in the form of finding a better job, moving on from a toxic relationship, or even moving to a new neighborhood. If you are experiencing a major shift in your life, you should consider starting doing things differently.

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Smile and forget about your back pain with this alternative therapy Are you suffering from chronic low back pain or find it difficult to sleep because of the same? Is your back making your life miserable? If the answer to all the questions is YES, then this is the right place to know the remedies for your low back pain and the other ailments that come along with it.

The lingering effects of the low back pain can take a toll on your health. Neck aches, muscle stiffness, back joint dysfunction, muscle spasm, and leg numbness are some of the ailments you get affected by when enduring low back pain.

It is a common belief that surgery is the remedy to chronic low back pain. Chiropractic cure claims to relieve the patients of its agony through a proper treatment regime just like the professionals at NWA Health Solutions chiropractor helps patients with their chronic low back and other ailments.

Chiropractic cure is the answer to avoid surgery.

Chiropractic cure is an alternative branch in medicine which focuses on the alignment of the spinal cord with the body while treating mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Most people are ignorant about the benefits of chiropractic cures because of the myths surrounding this alternative branch of medicine.

A chiropractor undergoes a significant amount of training before treating patients. They do an undergraduate programme of four years and another four years of higher education combined with training as an intern before getting a valid license. So, there is nothing to worry about chiropractors only cracking bones. They are well educated and know what they are doing.

Undergoing the chiropractic cure

The first visit to the chiropractor generally involves filling up a questionnaire regarding the patient’s health condition and related problems. The chiropractor further examines the patient with a few tests concerning the spinal cord and its functionalities. After doing the tests and completing the x-rays, the expert can better understand the physiology of the patient.

After all the tests the professional chiropractor will analyze whether the patient will benefit from the treatment or not. Finally, he or she will curate a treatment regime keeping in mind the physiologies of the patient.

Chiropractic cure: How is the patient benefited?

A professional chiropractor uses his hands or in a few cases a device for adjustment of the spinal cord. The primary goal of chiropractic cure is the betterment of the patient and to lessen the agony the patient is going through. 

They use hands-on manipulation of the spine so that the area is in motion in a vigorous rhythmic pattern. That relaxes the spinal musculoskeletal area and relieves the patient of the pain.

Undergoing chiropractic care for the spinal cord strengths it from within and starts healing itself. The expert does the adjustment and manipulation of the spinal cord in such a way that it opens up the nerve endings and the patient starts feeling the improvement within a few sessions of being treated. 

The science behind chiropractic cure

Chiropractic health care services are still under ongoing research, where researchers are assessing every detail. There have been no severe complaints of side effects after undergoing treatment. 

A few minor complaints reported by patients undergoing the treatment are stiffness, neck aches and painful sensation in the area treated. These are quite normal so one might as well dismiss them as side effects.

As the chiropractor uses sudden, vigorous and rhythmic pressure on the spinal cord for the adjustment, the patient is likely to feel a little discomfort after the treatment. This procedure is called spinal manipulation, and the primary objective is to improve the body's physical function by increasing motion in the spinal musculoskeletal system.

When to avoid chiropractic services and the risks?

There is a rare chance of risk involved that one needs to be aware of. Although, the chances are slim, yet a certain percentage of risk always remains. During the spinal adjustment, a person may have the following risks.

  • Chances of getting a herniated disk
  • Compression of nerves in the lower spinal column
  • After neck manipulation there can be some discomfort

Patients under certain health conditions should completely avoid chiropractic cure. These conditions include the following-

  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Cancer in the spinal cord
  • An increased risk of stroke
  • A known bone abnormality in the upper neck
  • Tingling sensation, numbness, loss in the sense of control in hand or leg

If a patient has one of the above conditions or faces any of the risk related factors, it is advisable to avoid the treatment. All these factors are determined by the professional on the very first day of the questionnaire and while carrying out the analysis of the patient in question thoroughly.

Expectations after undergoing the treatment

Patients cannot expect feeling better after just a few sessions. Like any other treatment, this also requires time and patience for the procedure to be effective. As discussed there is rarely any complaint of side effects.

At the most one might feel a little fatigued. The treatment is also helpful for people experiencing spine related problems as neck aches, stiff neck, stiffness and tingling sensation in the back due to working in a particular position for a long time.

Chiropractors also help the patients in achieving better physical health by

  • Weight management
  • Dietary supplements
  • The suggestion in meal planning to lose weight is essential
  • Managing high blood pressure
  • Easing out stress levels

A patient is undergoing chiropractic care benefits immensely by the manual therapies, different manual stimulation of the spinal cord during the adjustment.

Chiropractic cure is the next answer to surgeries.

Surgeries come with a list of side effects. The patient’s age needs to be the main factor taken into account before being considered for surgery. But the question remains whether surgery will cure the ailment not?  After surgery care and recovery are critical. Infections can develop if the sutures are not adequately dressed. But chiropractic care doesn't involve much serious risk factors. The patient gradually recovers under the care of the professional chiropractor. The spinal adjustment by manipulation is an effective remedy for spine-related problems.

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For a positive outcome from massaging sessions, you must set the right expectations Stress has become a part of the modern lifestyle and affects people of all ages. Stress is a silent killer as it triggers several diseases and destroys the body and mind. Instead of treating diseases, it is always better to treat stress so that it remains under control by adopting some techniques of relaxation like massaging. Massaging therapy ensures healthy living as it not only takes care of stress that reduces the threat of diseases but also allows people to regain lost mobility. Relaxation and health benefits are the biggest attraction of massaging that is growing in popularity. During the sessions, you take a break from the tensions of daily life and allow the body to recover from the abuses or injuries that it has undergone.

Set the right expectations

Massage therapy is not at all a one-size fits all therapy because the needs are dependent on the condition of individuals. Therefore, it is essential to set the right expectations from the therapy or else it will not give the right results. The therapy is entirely personalized, and you must be aware of your needs first that should help to set your expectations appropriately. Although it is the norm to visit massage parlors and clinics for going through the sessions, people who are unable to move and remain confined to their wheelchairs orhospital beds can receive the therapy by calling for the services of mobile spa in Milwaukee.

Communicate with the therapist

Allow the therapist to asses your needs by communicating with him or her frankly about your condition and the kind of relief you expect. Highlight the areas you want to address specifically and share your concerns. Do not forget to tell the therapist about the areas that you want to leave untouched. Clear communication helps the therapist to asses your needs correctly for determining the appropriate massage therapy for the issues you face and suggest its suitable solutions. The exchange of ideas with the therapist is essential to establish the correct line of treatment.

Share your experience through the sessions

Since the aim of massage therapy is to provide comfort from pain and other ailments that affect the body, you must share your feelings with the therapist as the session progresses. Tell clearly how you are feeling on the massage table, whether the pressure is right for you or needs some adjustment, are you comfortable in the clothing, is the temperature acceptable, etc. The continuous interaction and feedback from you are essential to make the session most effective.

Know the time it takes for results

Massage therapy relies on the natural healing process of the body as it attempts to relax the muscles and tissues thereby facilitating recovery from stress that causes pain or renders people immobile. The process of improvement takes time, and you must have the patience to see the results. It will be a mistake to think that things will change just within a few days or weeks.

Once you start enjoying the massaging sessions, it is a sign that things are moving in the right direction.

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Here's a heads up: children can have concussions too! Children are spritely. They love to play, run about and live in their world of dreams. As a result, they often tumble, fall and hit their head while frolicking around. Apart from putting an icepack on their injury, parents need to pay attention to the subtle signs that may indicate a concussion. Many children reach the ER every year with telltale signs of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, it takes some time for parents to understand what is really wrong since many people believe that only adults can get concussions.

It is entirely possible for children to get a concussion. Most of them feel well within a couple of weeks. A few unfortunate ones suffer from the Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) symptoms for longer than a month. The recovery period depends on the child's health, the extent of the injury and the treatment he or she receives post-injury. You must take your kid to a brain expert to get tested for concussion immediately, if he or she complains of headaches, or if he or she acts out of sorts after the injury. Keeping an eye on them after a major injury is essential. It will help you understand the degree of influence the concussion has on your child's activities, emotions and behavior.

What can you do to help your child feel better?

Parents might need to make small changes to the child’s daily routine to facilitate the recovery process. Once your child shows signs of improvement, you can revert these changes and allow them to go back to their regular active lifestyle. It is imperative for a parent to follow the signs and symptoms of PCS to assess the extent of recovery of their children. Observe their behavior and use the signs to guide them to their normal life as soon as possible.

Keep a close eye on your child when they first return to their active life. If his or her symptoms do not worsen during regular activities, you should let them continue with it. In case their symptoms worsen, you should stop immediately and take them to the doctor. You must remember that each child’s mind is unique. Therefore, it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of an activity accurately.

There can be several reasons for a child’s delayed recovery from a concussion. Does your child have –

  • A history of brain injury
  • A history of concussions
  • Family and social stressors
  • A history of brain ailments or operations
  • Learning difficulties or socializing challenges

These factors can delay the recuperation after a mild TBI.

How to facilitate recovery from concussion through regular daily activities?

According to most modern experts on concussions, keeping your child on complete bed rest can be counterintuitive. You should engage them in light activities to keep their minds occupied. Light activity can help them remain jovial and positive. Emotional status influences the recovery significantly. Therefore, following a routine like this can help your kid –

  1. Do not let them oversleep in the mornings.
  2. Reduce their daytime naps. It can aid proper restorative sleep at night.
  • Help them get maximum nighttime sleep. If necessary, let them use a white noise source.
  1. If any activity does not worsen the symptoms, then that activity is excellent for your child.
  2. Send them to school on time once their nausea, pain and other physical discomforts subside.
  3. Give them food at regular intervals. Make sure they are on a balanced diet. Nutrition is vital to help children make a complete recovery.
  • Do not let them spend endless hours watching TV or playing on their tablets. The blue light from these digital devices can worsen a headache and nausea.

There is a misconception about sleep and concussions. People will try to tell you to keep your child away after a mild TBI as much as possible. However, that can be harmful to the child's health and development. Children need tons of sound sleep. In case, you notice that your child is sleeping too much or having difficulty remaining awake during the daytime, contact your concussion expert immediately. Do not give them stimulants like coffee or caffeinated drinks to keep them awake.

Once your child shows considerable improvement from following the light activity routine, you can move on to moderate activities. Let them return to regular school routines including their extracurricular classes. If they want to have sleepovers or play dates, be sure to keep a close watch for any signs of sickness. You can consider the recovery complete once your child can complete all the tasks of their daily life including studying and playing without showing signs of excessive fatigue.

Why does your child have a better chance of recovery than most adults?

A child's mind has high plasticity thanks to its developmental stage. It ensures that healing after a mild TBI is much easier for children and teens than it is for the adults. No matter how your child incurred the concussion, you might see some of the signs we have already mentioned above. Not paying enough attention during the PCS period can result in long-term effects that can influence a child's performance in school. A concussion has the power to change the life of a person, but it is up to you to take charge of the situation. With the correct diagnosis and comprehensive cognition treatment, it is possible to reward your child with a happy and prosperous life even after a severe concussion.

What should you do if your child has a concussion?

Always seek the help of a medical expert with enough experience in neurology and concussion. Going to a pediatrician might not be enough, especially if your kid has been showing the PCS symptoms for more than a week. Chinese medicine tells us that the child's mental status, psychology, and emotional wellbeing heavily influences the outcome of a concussion. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep their children happy, and positive after the incident to facilitate fast recovery. It is only possible to do so with help from the right experts. If you believe that your child is showing symptoms of concussion, you should immediately speak with a concussion specialist for assistance.

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Methods to Safely Repair Damaged Teeth Having damaged teeth can be embarrassing as well as sometimes painful. Teeth can be chipped, broken, erode, and lose enamel. There are methods that are used to address these issues you may experience with your teeth.

Repairing a Chipped or Broken Tooth

If your tooth is chipped, broken, or fractured, you should contact your dentist for an appointment as soon as possible. If you do not visit a dentist to repair the broken tooth, your tooth may become more damaged or infected. If your tooth becomes infected or has extensive damage, you may lose your tooth. If you aren't able to see your dentist immediately, you can do the following at home:

  • If you are experiencing pain, take an over-the-counter pain reliever and rinse your mouth with a salt water solution.
  • If your broken tooth has jagged or sharp edges, you can cover the broken tooth with sugarless gum or paraffin wax to prevent the tooth from cutting the inside of your cheek, lip, or tongue.
  • Eat soft foods and do not bite down on the broken tooth.

The dental treatment for a chipped or broken tooth will depend on the extent of the damage. If your tooth has a small amount of damage to the enamel, your dentist will most likely be able to repair the tooth in one office visit. If your tooth is badly damaged, you may need to visit your dental office more than once. The following dental procedures are used to fix broken or chipped teeth:

  • Bonding or Dental filling: For teeth that have small chips in enamel, your dentist may choose to repair the minor damage with a dilling. If your tooth is chipped in an area that is visible when you smile, your dentist may elect to repair the tooth damage with a bonding procedure. Bonding uses a composite resin that is tooth colored and not noticeable. Bonding is a fairly simple treatment that does not require any anesthetic. In a bonding procedure, your dentist will roughen your tooth and apply an adhesive to the tooth. After applying an adhesive, a resin composite that is tooth colored is applied. The resin composite is then shaped to appear naturally and an ultraviolet light is used to harden the resin composite.
  • Crown or dental cap: If your tooth has a large break or has extensive decay, your dentist may elect to put in a dental cap or crown. This procedure involves grinding away the remaining tooth and placing a crown over it. The crown will protect the filed down tooth and improve the appearance of the tooth. Crowns are made from several materials including resin, metal, or ceramic. Ceramic and porcelain crowns are able to appear identical to your original teeth.
  • Root canal: If your tooth is completely broken, but the root of the tooth is still intact, your dentist may elect to conduct a root canal. During this procedure a post is placed in the canal to which a structure is built up so that a crown can be placed on top of it. Afterward, your dentist would adhere the crown over the post placed in the root.

Repairing Teeth That Have Enamel Erosion

The symptoms of enamel erosion include the following:

  • Discoloration - as enamel erodes, the teeth begin to appear yellow in color.
  • Sensitivity - Some foods (i.e., sweet foods, acidic foods) as well as hot or cold foods may cause some pain if your teeth have enamel erosion.
  • Severe Sensitivity - If your teeth have extensive enamel erosion, you may experience severe pain when consuming hot or cold foods.
  • Chips and Cracks - As enamel erosion progresses, your teeth may become rough, jagged, and irregular shaped.
  • Your teeth may also begin to have indentations on the surface as enamel erosion progresses.

As your enamel erodes, your risk of developing tooth decay or cavities is increased. If tooth decay is able to enter your enamel, it will then move into the main structure of your tooth. As cavities begin to grow and expand throughout the tooth, they can reach the nerve and eventually result in an infection or abscess. Some methods to treat and prevent enamel erosion and loss include:

  • Flossing daily
  • Brushing twice daily
  • Rinse your teeth with an antiseptic mouthwash that has fluoride each day
  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Eliminate acidic drinks and foods from your diet (e.g., lemons, sodas, citrus juices). If you do consume acidic foods or drinks, rinse your mouth with water afterward.
  • Use a straw each time you consume acidic drinks
  • Avoid snacking if you are unable to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth.
  • Increase the amount of water you consume each day to prevent dry mouth
  • Chew a sugar free gum between each meal in order to increase your saliva production and avoid dry mouth. Your saliva works to strengthen your teeth and provides important minerals
  • Use a toothpaste that has fluoride as an ingredient, as it strengthens teeth

If your enamel loss is severe, you may need to visit your dentist. Your dentist can treat your teeth erosion by bonding your tooth, which will improve the appearance of your tooth and provide protection from further erosion.

If you are experiencing any of these dental issues, contact Brisbane Denture Haus for an appointment or consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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