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Four Signs Your Hubby Has Alcohol Problems

Alcohol is a part and parcel of many of our lives. Think back to some of the best times you’ve had with your partner and it may well involve it. From raising a toast on your wedding day to that big night out on the evening you met. It follows many people’s lives, and for many people it’s a perfectly healthy relationship.

However, unhealthy relationships with alcohol in relationships can lead to the breakdown of the latter and be incredibly difficult to live with. And it isn’t always easy to spot.

Alcoholism and problems with alcohol are more common than you think, with over 5.3% of all deaths related to the substance and over 13% of those aged 20-39. Which means that it’s not out of the ordinary for a partner to be suffering with such issues, of which you may not even notice.

Of course, providing help for your partner is crucial, whether that be alcohol rehab, or even just having that initial conversation to get the ball rolling with help. So, what are the signs that your hubby is suffering with alcohol problems?

Increased sensitivity

Sensitivity, anxiety and mood swings are heightened when people are influenced by alcohol, whether that be while alcohol is in the system or in a state of withdrawal where dependency is at its peak.

If your partner is behaving out of the ordinary and their behaviour and mood can flip in an instant, it could be an early sign that there’s a dependency on alcohol.

Not being able to stop

One of the more noticable signs is that if you’re out socialising or enjoying a glass of wine in front of the sofa, is the inability to stop. Where once upon a time, your partner may have been happy with one glass, one now becomes two, three, four.

Equally, can your partner survive a few days without alcohol. They may claim to be able to, but where’s the evidence? Those who have a problem with alcohol will often claim they can quit anytime but will often refuse to and even become agitated when pressured into doing so. Test them to try and have a night out without alcohol, and see if they can turn one night into two, three and beyond.

Physical appearance

The effects of alcohol can take their toll on physical appearance. You may find that your partner is putting on weight initially, with the classic beer belly beginning to appear. However, it’s aspects such as bad skin and a more unkempt appearance that you’ll really begin to see a difference in.

Alcohol dehydrates the body and that will play a part in the body not being able to keeping your partner's skin fresh, while it will also dullen the hair.

This is a huge warning sign as it can lead to the likes of liver problems, heart disease, diabetes and other serious ailments over a longer period of time.


You’ll also start to find your partner beginning to hide things. That could be drinking in secret, while it can also lead to financial worries if they are spending significant amounts on alcohol. Secrets can seriously damage a relationship and cause lasting damage. Confronting your partner head on if you discover they are hiding this is important, although it should also carry a clear pathway for them to put themselves on the road to recovery.