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How can a urologist help you with penile implant surgery?

Urologists only recommend a penile implant surgery when you have irreversible erectile dysfunction. When no other treatments have shown positive changes in your condition, the penile implant surgery is all that's left. In Miramar, urologists will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of such a prosthesis. Mainly, it’s all about achieving an artificial erection vs. a natural one. With an implant, you won’t be able to achieve a natural erection any longer.

However, if this doesn't concern you as much as achieving an erection in the first place, then penile implant surgery is your best choice. Living with irreversible erectile dysfunction is not living, but rather constant suffering and a potential depression. It's not as much of a physical pain but rather psychological torture. The embarrassment and shame of being impotent, plainly put, leads many men onto the peaks of depression. This should no longer happen with what current urologists can achieve via technology and treatments.

What can urologists do to help you?

If you have erectile dysfunction, then it's no longer an option to live with it. Contact urologist Dr Angelo Gousse in Miramar, and he'll be able to provide generous assistance with your urologic problems. The urologist usually recommends a penile prosthesis implant when other treatment options are no longer viable. You have two options to choose from when it comes to a penile prosthesis implant:

  • One implant involves the insertion of two plastic rods in the erection chambers of the penis. You can adjust your penis in the desired position, and it will stay that way.
  • The second type of implant involves the insertion of a reservoir and pump under the groin muscles. The urologist fills the reservoir with a special liquid that enters the tubing in the two erection chambers of your penis upon pressing a pump. This is how you achieve an erection.

The first implant method maintains a permanent erection that’s more difficult to conceal once you no longer desire an erection. On the other hand, the second type of implant is more easily concealable due to the inflatable function. It offers the impression of a more natural-looking erection, which would be a tremendous advantage to you. It's the middle solution between an all-natural erection vs. one achieved via an implant.

Professional urologic services in Miramar

Miramar urologists are the best at they do, helping people escape the torment of erectile dysfunction. While they may recommend other viable treatments such as medication, changes in the nutrition plan, or physical exercises, these may be useless sometimes. Severe cases of irreversible erectile dysfunction can't be reverted in traditional ways. This is where recent breakthroughs in penile implants come into play.

A professional urologist in Miramar can perform immediate penile implant surgery and solve your erectile dysfunction problem. By choosing one of two implants, you'll obtain a new lease on your sexual life. It'll no longer be shameful or embarrassing for you to be with a woman. From now on, you'll regain your self-confidence and trust in yourself. Your lifestyle should change substantially after undergoing penile implant surgery. Mainly, your sexual life will experience a vast improvement compared to the past.

There's no time to waste if you have irreversible erectile dysfunction. Why wait when you can choose to solve your problem now? It may not be quite the outcome you expected, but it's the one chance you got at a normal life. Your erection may be artificially produced, but your quality of life will increase substantially, as well. It’s entirely worth it from anyone’s perspective. The urologist doctors in Miramar provide top-quality services and penile implant surgeries, so contact one now!