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Online Running Need not be Mundane

Are you a fitness freak who wants to maintain the best shape throughout the year? Even Olympic grade athletes try to maintain their fitness at peak levels during the competition period. However, there are other kinds of people who ensure that they live at their peak performance throughout the year. Some people like the defence personnel, Navy seals and marathon runners want to maintain an overall fitness. Online running is an effective way to stay at the top of your fitness levels.

The Only Disadvantage of Running Indoors

If you have been running for a while then you might have already known that running on a treadmill is not only draining but also energising. Since you can set the desired speed and distance, you will be externally pushed to do the set amount of distance. However, at the same time, running on a treadmill can be internally distasteful. 

When you run outdoors, you will be able to meet other people, see beautiful scenery. You can also explore a new route everyday and get natural excitement in the running process. All these are missing when you run indoors.

Get a Stunning Experience Using Vingo

Vingo is an user-friendly fitness app that can be used for both Indoor running and even indoor cycling. The app is versatile but that is not the real advantage of the app. This app creates a virtual world, where you can explore new places and meet new people while you exercise from the comforts of your home. 

The virtual world populates your look alike called the avatar in an exciting map. When you run on the treadmill, your avatar will run inside the map. Imagine playing a game where you run when you run in real life. So, this is similar to most games but the real change is your avatar moves only when you run on the treadmill. So, you will be able to explore more and play more by running more. 

The app comes with a number of exciting locations. So, you have a choice to make everyday. You can run in the arctic, antarctic or even on volcanic islands. So, make your mundane running into an exciting workout with Vingo.

Elevate Your Experience with Personalised Avatar

The app also comes with other features like personalisation of your avatar. You can easily create your avatar by uploading a photo on the app. Once your photo has been updated you can play around with the looks by fine tuning the outfits, running shoes, gears and other things. In fact, you can also take a canine companion when you run. So, imagine running in the most beautiful landscapes with a dog that follows you. Now, what more can you ask for your lonely and demotivating treadmill runs? 

However the Online running app provides more than just this. You can get attractive costumes when you achieve milestones in running. Another interesting feature of the app is, it is social ready. You can share your progress on social media on the go. So what are you waiting for?