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A Quick Guide to Popular Detox Treatments for 2021

Detox treatments are a popular, widely accessible healing treatment. Programmes are centered around a short-term, strict nutrition plan to help by removing toxins in the body. These toxins can build up over the months and years, coming from a variety of sources including environmental pollutants, and our regular diet of food and drink.

Our liver, kidneys and lymphatic system remove most of these nasty chemicals. However, modern lifestyles along with air and water pollution may cause more toxins than our bodies can handle. Detox programmes help the body out, giving it a boost and enough time to catch up and expel lingering toxins.

Why detox?

Following a detox programme under the guidance of a health professional is proven to get rid of toxins in the body. But what exactly are the benefits of toxin removal?

Here are some of the most commonly reported effects of detoxification.

Improved blood circulation

‘Clean’ blood flows better around the body, thus delivering more of the valuable nutrients needed to nourish and repair all the body’s cells, tissues and organs.

More vibrant skin

Outwardly, people look more radiant as their skin is better nourished after a detox treatment.

Improved sleep and more energy

Less troubled, better quality sleep also contributes to improved energy levels.

Hormonal balance

Hormones- the body’s chemical messengers- play an important role in mood, appetite, weight and the body’s natural rhythms. Hormones are also greatly affected by diet so a detox programme can help reset and rebalance them.

Weight loss

Many people report significant weight loss as a result of a detox programme.

Better digestion

A detox diet assures results in better digestion and bowel rhythms.

More positive mindset

Many people also report feeling more optimistic and positive after following a detox programme. Mood is hugely affected by toxins so their elimination has very positive results for mindset.

What detox programmes are popular right now?

There are several different types of detox out there. In fact, you will probably find that health clinics offer a variety of programmes, meaning that they will help you choose the one most ideally suited to you and the results you want to see. Here’s an idea of what they might offer:


A cleanse is a well-established, long popular method of detox. It involves switching to a plant based nutrition plan of food and drinks that is specifically designed to support your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. Eating a diet of specific foods can boost the liver and kidney’s abilities to remove toxins by supplying optimal nutrition to these organs.

A health professional will ensure that you are eating the right foods to achieve detoxification, but also to ensure that you feel well and are not hungry throughout the process.

No chew and green food cleanses

Some cleanses go one step further. They may temporarily limit the diet further to better target weight loss or other specific health benefit, such as a better functioning immune system, for example. 

Three popular examples of these cleanses include the ‘no chew’ cleanse, the green juice cleanse and the green salad cleanse.

A ‘no chew’ cleanse aims to stop the body expending unnecessary energy on digestion through a liquid food diet. This promises to speed the metabolism thus boosting weight loss, and promote cell renewal.

A green juice cleanse works as above to remove toxins from the body and provides a very specific boost of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. These green foods alkalise the body, boosting its ability to remove fats caused by a diet too acidic. The green juice cleanse can provide excellent benefits to the immune system too.

A green salad detox offers the same nutritional benefits as a green juice cleanse and works well as a radical kickstart into longer term healthy eating.

Ketogenic cleansing diets

A ketogenic diet is one that drives the body into fat burning mode, called ketosis. It’s a low carbohydrate diet where most calories will be gained from plant-based and protein-based fats.

It’s highly popular right now, both as a professionally supervised diet to kickstart detoxification and weight loss, but also as a basis for longer-term healthy eating.

Ketogenic diets, commonly known as ‘keto’, are proven to provide excellent nutritional benefits, including helping to prevent some cancers.


For centuries, people have undertaken fasts for spiritual and religious reasons. However, fasting has significant health benefits too. The process provides the body with an opportunity to renew cells and rid the body of toxins by allowing the digestive system to rest.

There are various forms of fasting that may be recommended to you, including intermittent fasting and water fasting.

Intermittent fasting involves consuming all daily food within a 6 hour period and then fasting for the remaining 18 hours of a 24 hour period. This large window of time allows the body to concentrate its resources on cell renewal, healing, and the removal of toxins, rather than spending its energy on near constant digestion.

Water fasting is a very short term fast where only water is consumed for a 24 hour to 72 hour period. This kickstarts weight loss and cell renewal, alongside many of the other benefits listed above.

Fasting is very effective but it is not safe for everyone, especially for the very young, elederly and anyone underweight, as well as those with certain health conditions. This is why you should consult with a doctor for a full health check before beginning and complete it only under the recommendation and supervision of a health professional.

In fact, this is true for any of the detox methods above. They are designed to have a radical effect on the body. The results will nearly always be positive. Significant health benefits are likely. However, anyone considering following a detoxification programme should prioritise their own safety above all else.

How to detox safely and successfully

If you are interested in following a detox programme, seek help and advice from a reputable detox and weight loss clinic, and get the blessing of your family doctor if you have concerns that any treatment may not be right for you.

With the help of expert health professionals, you will gain optimal health benefits with a far lower level of risk attached compared to a do-it-yourself detox. 2021 and the new year is the perfect time to kickstart a healthier lifestyle with a detox programme.


Burak Cankat is the Wellness Director at Zoya Health and Wellbeing Resort in the UAE, with 18 years of experience in the Hospitality, Health and Well-being industry. The resort is a unique integrative well-being destination nestled between the sea and mangroves in Ajman, offering holistic packages that combine cutting-edge medical science, physiotherapy, fitness, nutrition, and the latest advance in aesthetics to nourish the body and invigorate the mind.