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What Does the Research Say About Acupuncture and Getting Pregnant?

Are you struggling with fertility issues? Have you tried acupuncture? The largest part of women is skeptical when it comes to using acupuncture for improving fertility, but this alternative medical therapy addresses all issues related to the inability of couples to conceive.

Apart from helping females get pregnant, it does miracles during gestation as well. By stimulating the right acupressure points, acupuncturists assist in the relief of lower back pain and headaches, reduce morning sickness, eliminate stress, and improve sleep patterns. Make sure you check out this source to learn about the benefits of fertility acupuncture.

The information below will explain the role of acupuncture in fighting fertility and facilitating pregnancy.

Benefits before pregnancy

This traditional medical practice can be beneficial in women trying to get pregnant, as well as during the gestation period. Acupuncture assists couples struggling to conceive by inducing fertility in a variety of ways. It boosts fertility by triggering the release of endorphins through nerve ending stimulation. Endorphins are popular for being the hormones responsible for stress relief and the promotion of positive feelings.

Moreover, the release of endorphins in the course of acupuncture minimizes depression, which is common in females fighting infertility. It also has a reducing effect on anxiety and stress, both of which are to blame for causing fertility issues in couples. High cortisol levels are also damaging after a woman gets pregnant, as these might result in a miscarriage.

In addition, acupuncture is believed to improve fertility in females undergoing in vitro fertilization. Women going to an acupuncturist both prior to and following the process of embryo transfer are thought to have higher chances of conceiving a baby. As long as the acupuncturist is certified and proficient at using acupuncture for inducing fertility, females can really boost their chances of getting pregnant.

Fertility acupuncturists assist female patients struggling with lack of ovulation, hormonal misbalance, irregular periods, an insufficient amount of cervical mucus, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), etc. The following link,, explains the symptoms, causes, and treatment of PMS.

Nevertheless, acupuncture has proven effective in the treatment of all of the above-mentioned fertility issues. For instance, it promotes hormonal and menstrual cycle regulation by getting estrogen and progesterone levels back to normal. This therapy provides uterine lining nourishment, improves egg quality and sperm count, boosts blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, and minimizes the risk of miscarriage.

Benefits during pregnancy

Besides helping couples conceive, acupuncture provides a myriad of benefits during pregnancy as well. For instance, this Chinese therapy is believed to alleviate morning sickness, common in the first trimester. Given medications aren’t the best alternative for pregnant women, acupuncture is a natural method of reducing nausea and vomiting. Acupuncturists reduce nausea in patients by stimulating the p6 point in the wrist area.

Another miraculous benefit of this medical practice is the alleviation of pelvic and lower back pain. This type of pain is typical for the second and third trimester once the baby starts growing bigger. By stimulating the L3 point on the foot, acupuncturists relieve the pain in the lower back region.

Furthermore, acupuncture is used in correcting the baby’s fetal position in order to prepare it for delivery. It stimulates the baby to change its breach position when his/her feet are first to come out instead of his head. The stimulation of the BL67 point is known to improve the fetal position by stimulating the baby to move to a position more convenient for delivery.

Ultimately, this kind of therapy is considered beneficial in the alleviation of headaches and sleep problems. It relieves headaches in pregnant women induced by tension, as well as improve sleep patterns. The majority of pregnant females suffer from sleep disturbances such as insomnia, but acupuncture helps them get a good night’s sleep.

Acupressure points

The stimulation of different acupressure points is how acupuncturists assist both pregnant women and females struggling to conceive. After a consultation with an acupuncturist, he/she make the right choice of acupressure points, essential for increasing fertility or relieving pregnancy-related symptoms. For instance, the acupressure points located on the head are in charge of promoting relaxation, whereas those in the stomach and lower leg areas induce blood flow to the reproductive organs.

The stimulation of DU20 is helpful in boosting females’ mood, increasing their energy levels, and inducing mental clarity. It’s also known to prevent miscarriages and provide support to the pelvic muscles. This point is located on the head, in the middle of the scalp.

CV17, known under the name Chest Center, is useful in fighting fertility issues, as it improves emotional health by reducing fatigue, depression, stress, and anxiety. When stimulating this acupressure point, acupuncturists also help pregnant women with morning sickness, breast tenderness, and lack of lactation. It’s located between the nipples, right above the breastbone.

PC6, known as the Inner Pass point, has a versatile function. It controls vomiting, reduces bloated abdomen, helps with insomnia, improves memory, and minimizes depression. It’s located above the wrist, which makes it easier for women to massage it before going to bed.

ST36 is located just below the knee. This acupressure point improves digestion, reduces dizziness and hypertension, as well as treats vomiting and nausea.

Final word

Don’t be discouraged from trying alternative medicine like acupuncture.

It might be the key to winning the battle with infertility!